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The 9th Place (or Manzil): Zuhasm

The 9th Place (or Manzil): Zuhasm

The name of the place was Zuhasm. It was here that Imam met Hur's army of 1000 men. They were coming from Kufa and appeared to be without water for sometime. Imam asked his companions to give them water in spite of the fact that they were hostile to Imam's party. Everyone drank to their fill, even horses and camels drank. One soldier was so thirsty that he was unable to drink the water himself and the Imam went to him and poured water in his mouth. Hur who was the leader of that brigade from Kufa came to the Imam and wanted to get hold of the reins of his horse to which Imam replied not to be impertinent. Hur then refrained from doing that, but told the Imam he will take him to Kufa under escort to which Imam did not agree. While they were discussing these matters that the time for the Zohr arrived and all of them, friends and enemy alike stood behind the Imam to complete their prayers. After the prayers Imam told Hur and his soldiers that he had received many letters from Kufa inviting him to go there as an Imam and guide in all matters religious or secular. The actual words of Imam's Khutba as mentioned by Tabari are as follows.

"O' people of Kufa, you sent me delegations and wrote me letters that you had no Imam and that I should come to unite you and lead you in the way of God. You replied that we Ahlulbayt are more qualified to govern your affairs than those who claim things to which they had no rights and act unjustly., But if you have changed your mind, have become ignorant of our Rights and have forgotten your promises, than I shall turn back".

But the Imam and his companions were denied by Hur's soldiers to turn back. Imam did not wish to go to Kufa now, and Hur's army did not want them to return to Madina. So a compromise was reached by both parties to bye-pass Kufa and turn towards north. Imam and his party was leading and the Hur's army was behind them. In two days journey they arrived at a place called Baiza.

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