السبت، 10 يناير 2009

The 10th of Muharram 61 Hijiri - Dawn and Morning

The 10th of Muharram 61 Hijiri

Morning appeared and before Sunrise Ali Akber gave the Azan and all of them completed their morning prayers behind their Imam.

The 10th of Muharram, Early Morning

Imam made his brother Abbas as the flag bearer of the tiny army of 70 persons in all when all of a sudden two more soldiers defected from Yazid's army. One was Hur who was the leader of the contingent who brought the Imam's party to Karbala and also his son. Both of them arrived with their hands tied to apologize to the Imam for what they had done and asked his permission to fight for them and become first martyrs.

The Beginning of the Battle

Imam Hussain did not give orders to commence fighting until arrows came from the enemy camp. Then Hur went out to fight. Overwhelmed by the numbers on the other side, he soon died. His son went and he also died.

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